"Maria is a professional artist based in Spain. Having studied Fine Arts, her talents are now recognized by some of European’s leading art influencers. Her work is regularly featured in exhibitions at galleries across the globe, most recently in prestigious Art Fairs in China, the USA and Europe. "


I started painting when I was 6 years old. I went on to study for a Fine Arts degree at Madrid University where I developed a passion for working with texture and colour. I established myself as a professional working artist in 2008.

I am an abstract impressionist painter and my painting is focused on the exploration of textures and colours.I am strongly influenced by interior design as well as Spanish abstract artists and impressionist painters. I especially admire the work of Fernando Zóbel, Luis Feito and Monet.

“I paint what cannot be photographed, that which comes from the imagination. I photograph the things that I do not wish to paint, the things which already have an existence.” Man Ray

I create art to satisfy a need deep in my soul to create and to use my hands to say, with color and form, something that my words cannot. However, I believe art is not only a way to express your feelings but to decorate and enhance the beauty of spaces. 



2019 – Mayo · Exposición individual Lobby Art Gallery-Hotel Emperador, Madrid

2018 – March · Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London, UK

2018 – February · Casa Decor 2018, Madrid

2017 – April · Solo show at Galería Gaudí, Madrid

2017-April · Group show at Eka&Moor Art Gallery, Madrid

2017 – March · Premier Art Fair – Art Basel, Hong Kong, China

2017- February · Solo show  by Cristina Atienza dealer, Miami, EEUU

2016 – September · Galería Kreislerart

2016 – July · Art Santa Fe, Santa Fé, NM, EEUU

2016 – June · Casa Decor 2016, Madrid

2015 – November · Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Hamburgo, Alemania

2015 – September · 1001 Atmosphera, Madrid

2015 – June · DecorAccion 2015, Madrid

2015 – February · Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Bruselas, Bélgica

2014 – December · Christmas Group show, Madrid

2014 – December · Solo show · Samy Road, Madrid

2014 – June · Casa Decor 2014, Madrid

2014 – January · Mixed exhibition · Atípica, Madrid

2013 – July · Mixed exhibition · Fitting Room, Barcelona

2013 – May · Solo show · La Europea Decoración, Madrid

2013 – April · Galeria Mecenus, Madrid

2013 – February · Solo show · La Recova, Madrid

2012 – September · Solo show · Enfant Terrible, Madrid

2011 – December · Mixed exhibition · Madrid in Love, Madrid

2011 – August · Solo show · Hotel NH Victoria Palace, El Escorial

2010 – December · Solo show · NAC, Madrid

2010 – Mixed exhibition · Caja de Ahorros y Monte de piedad de Sevilla


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